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Valentine's Day: My 5 top crystals for love

Valentine's day is a celebration of love and affection, so why not grab yourself a few crystals to help you along the way?

There are a number of crystals associated with love and relationships, too many to write about in one blog. But here I will share with you my top 5 crystals for Valentine's Day.

I'd love to hear what your top 5 are and how they have helped you along your path, whether that be in finding the "one", strengthening the relationship you already have or helping you to accept yourself and developing self love. Remember, to be able to open your heart to another you must be able to accept yourself for who you are, so self love is super important. Please leave a comment below and share your experience with crystals- what's worked for you?

My top 5 crystals for love are:

Rose Quartz:

The stone of unconditional love- a very gentle stone that opens the heart chakra, adds a loving energy to relationships and encourages romance. A beautiful soft pink colour that creates harmony and emotional balance, promotes empathy and compassion and is said to attract mutually loving relationships. Rose Quartz fosters feelings of joy, self worth and self love whilst bringing a soft comforting peaceful energy.


The rescue stone - works with the heart chakra and carries the vibration of love. Rhodonite is said to help heal the heart in times of relationship troubles by balancing and calming emotions. Rhodonite is associated with love and compassion and eliminating selfishness.


The stone of successful love - a booster of confidence and self esteem and bringer of vitality. Emerald opens the heart chakra and heals emotions. Emerald is said to protect from unfaithfulness by promoting loyalty, unity and compassion. It is associated with contentment, facilitating great communication in relationships and bringing security in love.


A stone of passion and energy - a useful aid to rekindling passion in relationships that may be a bit stagnant. With it's vibrant energy and beautiful fiery colour, Carnelian helps to re-ignite the flames of passion and is said to promote a desire for intimacy. Carnelian is a great confidence booster so a useful crystal to have when trying to attract a partner.

Pink Tourmaline:

Another heart chakra stone, that promotes harmony between the heart and mind. It aids in helping to understand love, for giving and receiving love and for overcoming destructive relationship patterns. Pink Tourmaline attracts kindness and promotes caring behaviours. It is an excellent stone for self love and for building trusting relationships.

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