Sodalite tower measuring 12cm high.

Sodalite is a beautiful deep blue stone with marbling of white, grey and brown. It is a stone with a strong vibration that aids in the development of intuition and stimulates psychic visions. Sodalite develops wisdom and clarity of thought which assists the user to cope with the mental challenges that they may face throughout the day.


Sodalite promotes creativity and has been described as the thinker stone. It may prove beneficial to those in creative careers such as acting and art. Sodalite works with the throat chakra to promote effective communication, enabling you to find your own voice and speak the truth. A good aid for those who are involved in public speaking as it also provides a confidence boost.


Sodalite is said to boost the immune system, improve digestion and increase metabolism, aid those who suffer with travel sickness and calm an episode of anxiety.

Sodalite Tower