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Crystal Healing

There are many benefits from crystal healing including improving general well being, aiding relaxation, reducing anxiety and stress, improving self esteem and self confidence.

A holistic and natural therapy using the energy from within the crystals to balance the chakras, improve energy flow by removing any blockages and harmonise the mind, body and spirit.

Sensing Angelic Energy - Male hands reac

Angel Therapy

Useful for relieving emotional, spiritual, mental and physical imbalances and problems.

Angel therapy is a spiritual practice and form of energy healing in which the therapist channels the energy from the angelic realm to help release any blockages. Angel therapy can help to provide divine guidance, release past issues and aid spiritual development.

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Online Crystal Store

Mother Nature's healing tools

Our online crystal store has a wide range of high quality crystals to choose from. They differ in shape, size, colour and healing properties. We have something to suit every budget and we receive new stock each week. If you can't see what you are after please contact us and we will try to source the item for your from one of our many tusted suppliers.

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A individual numerology portrait can give so much insight into your life, your purpose and provide a deep understanding of what the Universe is trying to communicate to you.

Numerology is the study of numbers in your life. Similar to Astrology, it can be used to better understand your life path, your purpose, personality and your karmic debt.
We offer a basic numerology chart and an advanced numerology portrait.


Oracle Card Readings

Coming soon

We are hoping to offer Oracle Card Readings from early Summer 2021. Please watch this space for updates.


Crystal Healing Courses

Coming soon

We are currently developing a range of crystal courses including a taster course for beginner's and a more advanced programme. We aim to have our courses running by early Summer 2021. Please watch this space for updates.

Disclaimer  - Holistic therapies and products are not a substitute for conventional medicine. If you are unwell or are experiencing any symptoms of concern please seek advice from your Doctor. Holistic therapies are complementary treatments that can provide comfort and relief to clients as part of a complementary health programme.

Please see our FAQ page for more information

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